Sunday, 24 August 2014

Design Work for Evil Eye Bar

I am currently working on a commision for a  new bar which is opening in my city called Evil Eye.
It is a Mexican themed bar that serves beer and burritos, and in keeping with the theme i have been asked to design some mexican style characters which will be used for advertising purposes such as posters, flyers and teeshirts. <----(Click)
They have also requested having some of them painted on the walls within the bar, which im supposed to be doing this week, so that will be fun.

The client had asked for 'Mis Noapaels' / Mexican Day Of The Dead style of illustration, which i am already a big fan of, and so i came up with the idea to do iconic celebreties in this style. Brilliant people, such as Predator and Mr Miyagi, obviously.

Predator & Jimi Hendrix

Batman & Mr Miyagi

Kurt Cobain

Featuring in Liverpool's Bido Lito Magazine

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