Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Winning The Iscribble Competition

You've no doubt heard me go on about the online drawing tool known as Iscribble.
I use it a lot.Its tools are very basic, consisting of standard brush tool in 5 different line sizes, a blur tool, a blending tool and a circles tool.What makes the site for me is being able to collaborate in real time with other artists from across the world, and believe me there's a lot of them.
Every year a drawing competition is held, this year there were 2 categories 'Personal Treasure' and 'Original Character' both categories were split into 'collaboration' and 'single'.
I decided that would enter the 'original character - collaboration' category.With 2 other users 'Tasmid' and "entheo".(see links below) I have drawn a lot with these guys over the years and they have become good friends of mine as well as their styles have been a big inspiration on my work i new their input into our piece would be coherent and work well together.

So we decided on an Egyptian theme, and so read up a lot on various ancient Egyptian demons, gods, and monsters.We decided to loosely base our design on 'Anok Sabé, Devourer of Souls, Rider of the Golden Eagle from the Heavens' a particularly 'epic' character indeed, and so we began drawing.
The snake demon was drawn by me the background was entheo and the weapons were drawn by tasmid. Admittedly most of the drawing was by me, as i added al ot of texture to the pictures background and outlined the weapons.However i could not have done this without the guidance and skill of the two users involved.

Finally i got a nice friend of mine 'Philip Newton" to write us up a small Bio to go with the character and so this was the piece, (with bio underneath) :

It went by many names - Apep, the eternal snake, forever to eat its own tail for all time; Abaddon, the doom of all men; but it decreed it be known to mortals as Anek Sabé, Devourer of Souls, Rider of the Golden Eagle from the Heavens. Its craft - and its cargo - were discovered by the peoples of the Nile Valley some 5500 years before Christ, having crashed after an epic duel in the heavens above. Anek Sabé wrought both a terrible and enlightening legacy upon its human supplicants. Utterly alien in origin, it taught the simple folk of the country later to be known as Egypt ways in terrible warfare, grand mathematical accomplishments and the secrets of grand architecture, mirroring its own pyramidical starship. Whether it taught the peoples of Egypt all it had to know, or it had another mission to fulfil is unknown- but one day the great worm was gone, along with its awesome and terrifying spaceship. The history of the planet would never be the same.

Though I'm still somewhat in shock about it, we won the competition by a land slide of votes.
(For details see link below) Winning some extra functions on the site, a medal, and our image used as the banner for the site for the rest of the year :)


Below is Entheo, Tasmid, and my (MeltDizney) iscribble galleries :

Me :

Tasmid :